Streamline Solutions now offers multiple sizes and styles of laundry hangers. Feel free to contact us concerning your needs and we will be happy to offer you a quote.

16″ Heavy Industrial Hanger with Latex

Our high quality suit hangers have a latex finish to keep clothes from sliding off. Available in galvanized. 

16″ Long Neck Industrial Hanger with Latex

Our latex suit hanger has the same strength and durability as our  Industrial Hangers, but they have a longer neck more suitable for high speed systems. Available in galvanized.

18 Drapery Tube

Our Drapery tubes keep draperies crisp and secure. Our drapery tubes set the standard for professionally finished garments in the industry.

18 Standard Shirt Hanger

The 18″ Standard Shirt Hanger is the staple in the dry cleaning industry. The same shape as our shirt hanger, but in a lighter gauge.

Caped Hanger

We know how important your brand is and we can put your logo on your hanger capes and linen bags. Capes may be printed on one or two sides.

Drapery Hanger

Great for bed spreads and comforters, this hanger is the strongest in the industry.

Suit Hanger

Our classic suit hangers are a staple in the industry. Designed to provide durability to any garment.