Streamline Solutions offers an exciting cost effective program that allows our customers to not only own our long lasting hamper stands while purchasing our soiled linen bags, but also knowing their true costs while doing so.

Streamline Solutions feels that our customers should have total control of their situation rather than the supplier. There are no maintenance concerns with our hamper stands because ours are manufactured with an extremely strong and durable metal lid. There is never a need to worry about our hamper lids cracking.

If you would like to hear more about our program or if you would like help in freeing your facility from a similar type program from another supplier, please contact Streamline Solutions today!

Need Help Getting Out Of Your Existing Soiled Linen Bag/Hamper Stand Contract?


  • You will now own your hamper stands!
  • You will now be able to save on your Soiled Linen Bags!
  • You now know what your true costs are!
  • You will no longer be locked into long term contracts!
  • The Streamline Solutions Soiled Linen Bag/Hamper Stand Program Gives You Total Control!

Please contact Streamline Solutions today and we would be happy to help you to “Streamline” your current agreement. We look forward to hearing from you!