Whether you are a healthcare, commercial, industrial or hospitality laundry, your needs are many. Streamline Solutions is the only national supplier of all of the products that you will find on this page. We take pride in working with each individual laundry in discussing their exact wants and needs.

PVC Laundry Wrap

  • Extremely high quality and durable PVC stretch film.
  • Great cling strength.
  • Excellent clarity for enhanced display.
  • Great performance with all types of equipment.
  • Many widths and gauges are available.


  • We can supply virtually any wrapping and tying twine.
  • Our twines come in a variety of material, both artificial and natural fibers.
  • We specialize in plastic, jute, sisal and cotton tying twines for the laundry industry.

Strapping / PE Ribbon

  • Great for use in bundling and wrapping.
  • Available in both twisted and non-twisted versions.

Rubber Bands

  • We stock many different styles and sizes.
  • Sizes range from #8 to #137.


  • Carton Sealing Tape available in numerous sizes and thicknesses.
  • Duct Tape comes in many different thicknesses and quantity of adhesives.
  • Non-Adhesive Tape is available as well.