Streamline Solutions has developed the highest quality hamper stand available in today’s marketplace. Can be used in many settings including medical and hospitality facilities. Holds all styles and sizes of plastic bags including our drawtape soiled linen bags. Hamper stand has a non-slip metal rim that will hold the plastic bags in place without slipping. Foot pedal allows for easy hands free opening of the metal lid. Wheels can be locked to help keep the hamper stand in place.

Hospitals and laundries all across North America continue to comment how the Streamline Solutions linen hamper stand continues to exceed their expectations. Our long lasting metal lid will not crack or break which means that our customers have a “true maintenance free” hamper stand. It comes with a “Soiled Linen” label but Streamline Solutions can make a custom made label for the hamper stand that fits your specific needs.

Streamline Solutions offers a soiled linen bag/hamper stand program that allows you to own your own hamper stands and know what your true costs are. You can also save money on our soiled linen bags at the same time. The Streamline Solutions program gives you the control. Please contact Streamline Solutions to learn more about our linen hamper stand and about our many different programs. 

Laundry Hamper Stands

  • Works perfect with all Streamline Solutions soiled linen bags
  • Height 38″. Worry-free metal lid measures 18″x 19/5″
  • Strong metal rim keeps our soiled linen bags in place without slipping
  • Bags or other supplies can be stored for easy use in handy back pouch
  • Foot pedal raises the white poly-coated steel lid allowing hands free use.
  • Glides easily with 3″ casters
  • Chrome-plated steel is attractive and easy to maintain
  • Meets JCAHO standards

Please ask about our soiled linen bag & hamper stand program!

Wire Bag Stands

  • Black powder coated
  • 5/16” Wire Stand
  • Collapsible
  • Easy to store
  • Fits most laundry bags


Please ask about our soiled linen bag & hamper stand program!

PVC Hamper Stand

  • Metal free hamper stand
  • Perfect for use in MRI room
  • Wire hangers hold plastic liners or reusable leak-proof bags in place
  • Available in 1, 2 and 3 hampers attached together
  • Disposable linen bags and reusable leak-proof bags available in many colors

Please ask about our soiled linen bag & hamper stand program!