Streamline Solutions is proud to be able to offer the complete line of L-Sealer equipment. The highest quality L-Bar Sealers, Bundling Machines and Conveyers in the industry. The Streamline Solutions team will work with you to come up with the right equipment to meet your exact needs. We also do offer equipment parts as well.

Professional Series L-Sealers are the ultimate workhorse for your  most abusive sealing applications.

Designed to seal most polyolefin, polyethylene, and PVC shrink films.

• All-welded main frame from ¼” cold rolled steel
• Built-in drawer for tools or spare parts
• Seal head casting equipped with head return cylinder
• Stainless steel film clamps hold film in place while sealing
• Available with hot wire or hot knife seal systems
• Hot knife seal systems available with mushroom (standard), pancake, arrow, or poly inserts
• Dual locking magnet clamps apply even pressure across sealbar
• Adjustable dwell time for better seal control
• Solid state temperature control adjustable for a variety of films
• Adjustable product tray accommodates wide variety of product sizes
• Takeaway conveyor can be raised or lowered to center-seal product
• Automatic takeaway conveyor

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EM3050 with Heat Tunnel
EM3050 with Heat Tunnel
Automatic ESA3050
Automatic ESA3050
ESA3050 Auto w/ 10 ISO Gowns
ESA3050 Auto w/ 10 ISO Gowns