Streamline Solutions is a national supplier of all types of plastic bags and liners. For years, Streamline Solutions has been working with hospitals, medical waste haulers/transporters and other medical facilities throughout the United States with our infectious waste bags. Our durable, high quality red bags have proven to be of the highest quality bags in today’s medical marketplace. Many stock bags are available and we can easily manufacture custom bags to fit your specific needs.

We also offer a vast selection of can liners. No matter the size, color, thickness or material, Streamline Solutions can no doubt, meet your needs. Whether you use the bags for trash, food service, linen, recycling or for any other reason, we will work with you to find the right bag that fits your requirements.

Red Infectious Waste Bags

  • Impervious, high quality medical waste liners
  • Durable and strong.
  • Bold biohazard symbol
  • Labeled “Infectious Waste”
  • Bags pass D.O.T. regulations
  • Can be printed with hospital name and address if required
  • Wide selection of sizes and thicknesses

Current Sizes Available:

  •  24 x 23
  •  33 x 39
  •  40 x 46
  •  54 x 64