Q. Does it matter to Streamline Solutions what kind of laundry we are?

A. Of course not. Streamline Solutions has worked with healthcare, industrial and hospitality laundries with their supply needs for years. We do realize the needs of each are different and we will work with each individual location to fulfill your needs.

Q. In our laundry, we purchase many different products from many different suppliers. I would love to find one who can help us with many of our needs. Can Streamline Solutions help us with that?

A. Certainly. Streamline Solutions can help healthcare, commercial and industrial laundries with products such as trash bags, bundle bags, disposable cart covers, cart liners, PVC laundry wrap, Kraft paper, reusable nylon/denier cart covers, hamper stands and other similar items.

Q. We have been purchasing the same bags from the same supplier for years. What can Streamline Solutions offer that my current supplier hasn’t?

A. Each individual facility does things differently. We will work with the buyers and the end users to see specifically what your needs and uses are. We do not want to just sell a customer a product for the sake of doing so. We will analyze your specific needs and wants to give you the most cost effective product to fit your needs. Many of our customers started to work with us because we were able to save them money and at the same time give them a better quality product. We also showed our laundry customers how to increase their revenue stream.

Q. Can you give me an example of what Streamline Solutions has done?

A. We have worked with customers who have been purchasing the same disposable blue soiled linen bags for years. The same bag since they started buying it over 10 years ago. After working with the customer, we found that the liner was too large (which made the bag too heavy to lift and was causing back issues with the employees) and the material that was being used was overkill. Overkill where the costly material that was being used was not needed for what that facility was doing with the bags. With the help of Streamline Solutions, the savings for our customer was $14.00 per case and with usage of 500 cases a month, it translated into a savings of $7,000 per month or $84,000 per year!

Q. We are a healthcare laundry who has used reusable laundry bags for years. Why should we be interested in what Streamline Solutions has to offer?

A. A large percentage of our healthcare laundries started working with us when we were able to show them how disposable plastic soiled linen bags were not only a cost effective alternative, but also helped them to increase their revenue stream. We have numerous sizes, colors, materials, styles of disposable soiled linen bags currently available. We also have drawtape versions as well. We can also help you with any custom needs that you may have.

Q. Oh, come on now! As a laundry owner, I make a lot of money with my reusable bags. I do not want to change what I am doing!

A. And why would you? Your profits are large doing it the way you are. But, in today’s healthcare marketplace where the hospitals are always looking for ways to save money, the hospitals are making the move to lesser expensive disposable soiled linen bags. Once your hospital makes a move that way, the laundry has lost a big part of their income and profits. Streamline Solutions can show the laundry owners and managers how you can still keep your profit levels high and secure with our disposable soiled linen bag program. Adding our soiled linen hamper stand (linen carts) program is a definite plus to all parties involved (please see question below).

Q. Do you also sell hamper stands (soiled linen carts) for our soiled linen bags?

A. Of course we do. Streamline Solutions has a high quality hamper stand with a long lasting metal lid and foot pedal that many of our laundries and hospitals have purchased through the years.

Q. It is hard for my facility to get approval on a capital expenditure for hamper stands. What can I do? We need them badly.

A. Streamline Solutions will work with your facility to help you with your hamper stand needs and ease the pain of the purchase. We have many programs available that allows you to purchase the hampers over time and your facility can still use them while you are paying for them. We have helped our laundries and hospitals work together with programs like this.

Q. I have heard of a similar program where we can get free use of the hamper stands while we purchase that supplier’s bags. How is Streamline Solutions program any different?

A. There is a major difference. What good is it for the laundry or the end using hospital if you can only use the hamper stands when you only purchase a company’s bag? What happens if someone can offer that customer a lesser expensive bag? Does that mean that the hospital can not use the hamper stands anymore? That is the case with other suppliers. The supplier should never have control of the bag and hamper stand situation. Streamline Solutions has a program that the purchaser of the hamper stands will own them. This way, you have control of your situation, not the supplier. Many laundries in the US have moved their business to Streamline Solutions because of our “ownership” hamper stand programs.

Q. If we are interested in the disposable plastic soiled linen bags, what about trash costs associated with disposing of them?

A. Streamline Solutions has a tremendous soiled linen bag recycling program that not only allows your laundry facility to dispose of their waste and help the environment, but also allows you to partner with Streamline Solutions in our shared financial recycling program.

Q. Does Streamline Solutions sell to a hospital? What kind of medical supplies can you help us with?

A. Numerous. As you will see throughout our web page we can help you with products such as can liners, infectious waste bags, reclosable zip lock type bags, labels for all departments of a hospital, standard and custom disposable procedural kits and trays such as IV Start Kits, Wound Closure/Laceration Trays, Dressing Change Trays, Circumcision Trays, Vaginal Delivery Trays, Pelvic Exam Trays, etc., X-Ray detectable OR towels, body wipes, dry wipes, thumb loop gowns, gloves, bubble mailers and more. Please ask us about the products that you are interested in.

Q. As a laundry owner, I use reusable bags. I do not want to change what I am doing since reusable are better cost wise for us.

A. In today’s healthcare marketplace where everyone is looking for ways to save money, laundries and hospital are making the move to lesser expensive disposable soiled linen bags. We have a process while allows us to compare the total cost and expense in both the reusable and disposable bags. In almost all cases, the disposable bags are proven to be much lesser expensive and with our plastic recycling program, we eliminate costs that would be incurred on the trash side.