Streamline Solutions offers many styles and options to our customers. Streamline Solutions will also help you to match the right colored plastic bag to your final product. We can print on any or all of the following types of bags:

  • Soiled linen bags
  • Cart covers
  • Cart liners
  • Drawtape bags
  • Wicket bags
  • Reject linen bags
  • Specialty bags
  • Other internal use bags

We can also custom print your name and contact information on your cartons of bags and on our hamper stand lids. Each custom printed bag can be printed in different sizes, colors and materials with many choices to choose from. The Streamline Solutions sales and support team will work with you in developing a program that will allow you to develop a marketing program that would include the printing of products such as the soiled linen bags, cart covers, cart liners and our vast line of plastic bags. Our program would allow you to market products to your customers along with putting aside many of the custom printing limitations that other companies have.

Are you a member of a particular group or organization and would you like to add that logo or name to your plastic bag? Streamline Solutions can do that. Has your facility met certain industry standards and would you like to make your customers aware of that on your bags using that logo? Custom printing of our plastic bags like this has never been an issue. We have done it before for our many customers.

Samples of the many different custom printed bag variations that Streamline Solutions offers are available. You will see many of them in the photos on this page. Keep your name in front of your customers at all times with our custom printed bags!