Soiled Linen Bag Vacuum System

Soiled Linen Bag Vacuum System

a perfect complement to our plastic recycling program!

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We are proud to present the Streamline Solutions Soiled Linen Bag Vacuum System. We believe that it will be a great benefit to our partner healthcare, hospitality and commercial laundries. We will work with you to design the best system to fit the needs of your laundry as well as the best way to make the program work for you financially. That includes our plastic recycling program which pays the highest rebates in the industry. Here are some of the many features and benefits that our vacuum system offers:

  • Our Soiled Linen Bag Vacuum System will allow you to efficiently transport your plastic bags to our specially designed baler. Your bags will flow directly from the bags' pick up point directly to our baler. It is a hands-free system.
  • Our Soiled Linen Bag Vacuum System will keep your sorting area clean of plastic bags. No longer will you have bags lying on the floor or large bins filled with plastic bags all over your laundry.
  • Our Soiled Linen Bag Vacuum System will help you to reduce your labor costs. There is no longer a need to have dedicated workers constantly moving and transporting all of your plastic bags from your soil sort area to your trash container. Our system will do that for you.
  • A perfect complement to our green recycling programs. Streamline Solutions offers the highest rebate amount in the industry as we handle all of your plastic bales ourselves. There is no longer any need for you to work with other companies that refuse to pay you rebates or even minimal ones on your plastic. Streamline Solutions believes in true partnerships with our laundries and this program is a perfect example.
  • Our new baler will also make bailing your plastic bales a much simpler experience.
  • Easy to use and manage.
  • System can be geared towards your specific needs.

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