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  • Laundry Hamper Stands

    Streamline Solutions supplies commercial and hospital laundries with soiled linen bags, hamper stands, laundry supplies, biomedical infectious waste bags and medical supplies.

    • Soiled Linen Bags

      We offer high quality disposable soiled linen bags in numerous sizes, colors and styles to satisfy the needs of hospitals, laundries and the healthcare and medical community.

    • Laundry Hamper Stands

      Our soiled linen bag hamper stands come with a worry-free metal lid, easy to use foot pedal for hands free use, and meet JCAHO standards. Bags or supplies can be stored in pouch.

    • Laundry Supplies

      For healthcare, commercial, industrial or hospitality laundry needs we offer clear disposable cart covers and cart liners is a variety of sizes for all your laundry cart needs.

    • Medical Supplies

      We provide medical supplies used in many hospital departments, surgical centers and home health care agencies including sterile procedural trays, dressing change kits and labels.

    • Medical Cart Covers

      Tough disposable commercial hospital laundry and medical cart covers. Numerous sizes and thicknesses for all of your laundry and medical cart cover needs.

    • Bed Cover Bags

      Streamline Solutions bed cover bags will help to combat your infectious disease concerns. Available in any size colors clear, blue, green, red, purple, orange and yellow.

    • Medical Cart Liners

      Durable disposable commercial hospital laundry and medical cart liners. A wide array of sizes and thicknesses for all your medical and laundry cart needs.

    • Infectious Waste Bags

      We are a national supplier of all types of plastic bags and liners providing hospitals, medical waste haulers/transporters and medical facilities with infectious waste bags.

    • Medical Waste Transport

      We are the only national full line supplier for medical waste haulers and can offer you infectious waste bags, autoclave bags, sharps containers, and biohazardous waste boxes.

  • Hospital Laundry Supplies

    Streamline Solutions offers their healthcare clients custom-tailored programs for soiled linen bags and hamper stands, plastic bag recycling, needs analysis and custom printing.

    • Soiled Linen Hampers

      We offer a cost effective program that allows customers to own long lasting hampers while they are purchasing our bags. This gives them the opportunity for big cost savings.

    • Custom Printed Bags

      We provide custom printed bag solutions as well as soiled linen bags, laundry bag recycling, disposable plastic liners, hampers, covers, wraps, carts and medical waste containers.

    • Green Recycling Program

      The Streamline Solutions new recycling program enables our laundries to go GREEN and make some GREEN with the best plastic rebate program in the industry!

    • Vacuum System

      Our Soiled Linen Bag Vacuum System efficiently transports your plastic bags to our specially designed baler. It complements our plastic recycling program.

    • Plastic Recycling Program Video

      This video shows how Streamline Solutions recycles your used plastic bags - a green recycling program that makes dollars for you and sense for the environment!

    • Product Needs Analysis

      We offer a program where we work with each individual location to analyze and break down all the products that they use and see where we can offer cost effective alternatives.

    • Business Partnerships

      Allow us to help you to market our products to your customers. We will teach you how to sell our product line and give you the tools including samples, literature and training.

  • Disposable Waste Can Liners

    From their headquarters in Orlando Florida, Streamline Solutions has been working with healthcare and commercial laundries throughout the United States and Canada since 1999.

    • About Us

      Based in Orlando, Florida, Streamline Solutions has many distribution facilities throughout the United States. Products are stocked for our customers at convenient locations.

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    • FAQs

      A large percentage of our healthcare laundries started working with us when we were able to show them how disposable plastic soiled linen bags were a cost effective alternative.

    • Blog

      Streamline Solutions LLC supplies disposable plastic bags, recyclable poly bags, poly liners and plastic bag recycling to commercial and hospital laundries.

  • Medical Supplies

    Contact Streamline Solutions to ask questions, get quotes and place orders for commercial, industrial, hospital and healthcare laundry bags, hampers, carts plus medical supplies.


    Soiled linen bags, laundry bag recycling, disposable plastic liners, hampers, covers, wraps, carts, infectious waste containers and medical supplies for hospitals and laundries.

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    An overview of our soiled linen bags and hampers, disposable plastic biomedical waste bags, trash can liners and other supply solutions for hospitals and commercial laundries.

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