Hospital Laundry Supply Needs Analysis

Customer Product Needs Analysis

A major reason why customers stay with Streamline Solutions year after year is because we do not just supply them with their needed products; it is because we work with them and analyze their true product supply needs. For example, rather than selling a hospital laundry customer a plastic cart cover or cart liner that may already be in stock that may be too large and at the same time too expensive, we offer a program where we work with each individual laundry location to analyze and break down all the products that they use and see where we can offer the best cost effective alternatives. We have been able to accomplish this goal for our customers many times through the years.

Streamline Solutions' numerous years in the laundry industry has allowed us to understand that the supply needs of our laundry customers are much different than in other industries. We are not like other suppliers in the hospital and commercial laundry industry. We are the experts in the laundry industry and use our vast product knowledge to help our laundry customers to make prudent decisions on their supplies and services. This includes products such as our soiled linen bags, mops, twine, plastic bags and many of our other supplies that are used throughout the laundry and hospital marketplace.

When needed, our knowledgeable Streamline Solutions sales team will not only spend the time at your facility to see how your products and supplies are being used, we will also work with you at your own customer's location to see how we can help to bring the right product to the table for them. This is just one example of how we can work together in bringing our laundry and hospital customers the right product at the right price.

No matter where you are located in The United States and Canada, Streamline Solutions can sit down with you and discuss your current product specifications and see where we can help you find the right supplies for your facility. Please contact us to see how we can help you in analyzing your true product needs.

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