Medical Waste Transporter Products and Supplies

Medical Waste Transporter Products and Supplies

Streamline Solutions can help waste haulers anywhere in the US with products such as infectious waste bags, autoclave bags and biohazardous waste boxes. We carry numerous versions of each product but can customize them to fit your needs as well. Bags and boxes can be printed with your name and address on them as well. We make ordering easy for you. When you order from Streamline Solutions, you can now get all of your products and supplies from one company rather than placing orders to many different sources. Please see below for information about many of our products.

Red Infectious Waste Bags/Liners
  • Red Infectious Waste Bags/Liners

    • Impervious, high quality medical waste liners.
    • Durable and strong.
    • Bold biohazard symbol.
    • Labeled "Infectious Waste".
    • Bags pass D.O.T. state regulations.
    • Can be printed with hospital name and address if required.
    • Wide selection of sizes and thicknesses.
Autoclavable Bags
  • Autoclavable Bags

    • Streamline Solutions carries a wide range of high quality autoclavable bags that are available in many sizes and materials for any and all of your needs.
    • Autoclave Bags are critical for medical sterilization.
    • Our bags meet Federal DOT regulations.
    • Streamline Solutions autoclave bags have high impact and tear resistance.
Biohazardous Waste Boxes
  • Biohazardous Waste Boxes

    • Extremely heavy duty construction.
    • Meets Federal DOT regulations.
    • Bold biohazardous symbol.
    • Biohazardous waste transport boxes can be custom printed with facility name and address.
    • Also available with red infectious waste liners.
    • Boxes are available in many sizes.

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