Medical Supplies

Medical Supplies

Streamline Solutions is a national supplier of many various products that are used in today's healthcare marketplace. We offer a wide variety of medical supplies that are used in many different departments of a hospital as well as to surgical centers and home health care facilities. Please contact us concerning any products that you may find interesting on this page as well as any other medical supplies that you may be interested in as we add new products and equipment frequently to our inventory.

Sterile Procedural Trays and Kits
  • Sterile Procedural Trays and Kits

    • Streamline Solutions can help hospitals and other medical facilities with their disposable kit needs. Our standard and custom trays include Dressing Change Kits, IV Start Kits, Pelvic Exam, Instrument Trays such as Laceration, Wound Closure, Suture, Plastics/ENT, Circumcision, Vaginal Delivery and Nosebleed.
    • We will match the components to your specific needs.
    • Name brand components are readily available.
    • High quality grade instruments.
    • Streamline Solutions will inventory kits for your facility.
  • Labels

    • Standard and custom labels.
    • High quality thermal material.
    • Printed and unprinted labels.
    • Styles include laser, pinfed, sheeted, etc.
    • Wide array of label sizes, colors and roll quantities.
    • We manufacture labels that can be used in the following hospital departments: Pharmacy, Radiology, Laboratory, Medical Records, Admitting, Nursing and Food Service.
    • Streamline Solutions sells labels for the Dymo LabelWriter printers.
Reclosable Bags
  • Reclosable Bags

    • Streamline Solutions carries a wide variety of reclosable ziplock style bags in various grades and sizes.
    • Lab specimen transport bags in many different sizes and styles.
    • Clear, clear with white write on block, amber, blue and pink are some of the color choices.
    • Chemo transport bags are available.
    • Many choices in 2, 3 and 4 mil gauges.
    • Also carry brown Kraft paper bags and open ended poly bags.
  • Gloves

    • Available in all sizes in latex, latex free, vinyl and nitrile.
    • We also stock powder free gloves.
Dust Masks
  • Dust Masks

    • High quality face and dust masks.
Bouffant Caps
  • Bouffant Caps

    • Made from breathable materials that are comfortable to wear.
    • Our headwear is ideal for use wherever hair restraints are needed.
Bailing Wire
  • Bailing Wire

    • For use with the Streamline Solutions Baler.
    • 250 high quality wires per bundle.

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