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Streamline Solutions has been helping all types of laundries in the United States and Canada since our inception in 1999 with our high quality disposable plastic cart covers. Whether you are a commercial, hospitality or healthcare laundry, Streamline Solutions can certainly help you with your cart cover needs. As experts in the laundry industry, we will work with you to make sure that your cart cover fits your cart as it should.

The Streamline Solutions sales team will meet with you at your laundry to make sure that your cart cover is not too large or too long. When your laundry cart cover is too large, it is costing you more than it should. We have been able to solve issues for many of our customers including medical/healthcare laundries who have seen their cart covers fly off their carts because they were purchasing ones that were too large. Streamline Solutions has also made sure that our laundry customers use the right thickness for their cart cover bags. The key to Streamline Solutions' success in the medical and hospitality laundry marketplace is how we analyze what our customers are using and make recommendations to help them in making the right choice in their supply product needs. That is certainly the case with our disposable plastic cart covers as we have consistently been able to show our partner laundry customers cost effective options that do not sacrifice quality. More times than not, our laundry customers have been able to not only save money with our cart covers, but have gone to an over-all better product.

  • Tough disposable medical and hospitality laundry cart covers.
  • Numerous sizes and thicknesses for all of your commercial laundry and medical cart cover needs.
  • We can produce any size cart cover that would fit your specific need.
  • Different cart cover sizes are available for your exchange carts.
  • Our cart covers can be printed with your company name and logo as well as being produced in tinted colors.
  • Extremely clear bags can be used in many medical applications including for covering medical supply carts and shelves.

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