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Streamline Solutions Laundry Supply & Vacuum Video

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Streamline Solutions is a laundry supply company that predominantly works with plastic products, but we work with hospitality, and both healthcare laundries all around the United States and Canada - all of North America.


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Video Transcript

Voice Over:

We've all heard the expression, "Cleanliness is next to Godliness".

Well, when it comes to commercial and industrial laundries, it's especially true.

And while you and I may overlook how important clean laundry is to the business world, many industries depend on clean laundry to keep their business going.

But finding a trustworthy company to take care of this feat is much easier than it sounds.

So we went to Orlando, Florida and visited the world's greatest in the commercial laundry supply business ... Streamline Solutions!

Enjoying strong growth each and every year of their existence, Streamline Solutions is all about revolutionary products and dedication.

Ross Sanders:

Streamline Solutions is a laundry supply company that predominantly works with plastic products, but we work with hospitality, and both healthcare laundries all around the United States and Canada - so all of North America.

What makes Streamline Solutions different and special versus other competitors of ours is that we're the only company who really actually sits down with our customers because we understand the laundry industry. We've been doing this for many, many years, and when some of our customers talk about certain problems or issues that they may have, we're familiar with it, we can make recommendations to them, and make them offerings that really nobody else really has ever done before.

Voice Over:

Offering everything from laundry supplies ... To vacuum systems ... Streamline Solutions truly has YOUR solution.

Ross Sanders:

We do all different types of plastic products; Different laundries will have carts that we'll have the plastic covers for, liners that do the same type of purpose for them. We also do soiled linen bags; All different colors, all different sizes and styles that our customers will end up selling actually to their own customers, meaning the hospitals. And it gives the opportunity to have a revenue stream that they didn't have before. And it's worked out really well for them that we can help save them some money, get them products that they can really use, bring some revenue for them beyond the other services that we offer, and different type of programs like the recycling and the vacuum system and hamper stands and things like that.

Voice Over:

As a nationally-acclaimed leader, Streamline Solutions recognizes the need to take care of the environment, and their national plastic recycling program is designed to do just that!

Ross Sanders:

The Streamline Solutions Recycling Program is a program that we offer to all of our customers around the United States and Canada. Currently we're working with over 70 different laundries around the country and into Canada, and we help them get rid of all of their plastic bags that typically have cut into their facility, that are normally thrown into the trash. No matter what kind of material, no matter what kind of color, no matter what kind of style that they're using. And, we're able to make then Green, help them reach their Green initiatives, and we even pay a rebate back to our customers on the plastic they get back from us, so, really it's a "win-win-situation" for everybody involved.

Bruce Weaver:

The benefits for using the Streamline products and the services they offer is the quality of the products, the level of service, as well as with the recycling program they've got running right now, it's been a very good fit with what Florida Hospital wants to do.

The vacuum system benefits us in a couple different ways; It has reduced our trash costs by reducing the amount of trash we're throwing away, it has brought us back a little bit in the form of rebates for the recycled product, and it's helped Florida Hospital further its Green initiatives for the plant.

Voice Over:

When it comes to commercial and industrial laundry, there's only one name to trust ... Streamline Solutions ... The World's Greatest!

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