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Green Recycling Program | Plastic Recycling Program

The Streamline Solutions new and upgraded recycling program enables our laundries to go GREEN,
save money and help the environment with the best plastic recycling program in the industry!

Laundry Bag Recycling Program
Soiled linen bags of all colors, sizes and styles can be recycled.
Plastic Recycling Program
Our recycling program can help you reach your GREEN goals.

Streamline Solutions will help you to become a GREEN laundry! Streamline Solutions will offer our qualified customers a Laundry Bag Recycling program. With our program, you will be able to recycle all types of plastic bags, no matter the color or what type of material the linen bags are. You will not need to separate the plastic laundry bags by material or color. Our recycling customers have saved a tremendous amount of money with our program. Numerous laundry customers of ours have reported savings of over $2,000.00 per month since they moved forward with our laundry bag recycling program..

Our new Linen Return Program helps you to solve one of the industries biggest issues and that is lost linen. We have been able to return thousands of pounds of what typically would have been thought of as lost linen to our recycling customers. With the cost of linen being as high as it is, it has proven to be a major plus to our recycling partner laundries!

With all medical type facilities having some sort of GREEN initiative in place, the Streamline Solutions laundry bag recycling program allows you to help your customers achieve those same GREEN initiative goals. Our laundry bag recycling program allows you to partner with your customers in a situation where everyone wins. The Streamline Solutions sales team can also work with you to help you to use our plastic laundry bag recycling program in helping you to increase your revenue stream with our soiled linen bag and hamper stand program. The joining of our different programs and products together ends up being a winning combination for everyone.

Always remember that when you work with Streamline Solutions, you actually make money on your plastic laundry bag trash! Please download our brochure, watch our video and call us today to learn more about how we can make you a little GREEN!


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