Since our inception in 1999, Streamline Solutions has been helping all types of laundries in North America with our durable, high quality disposable plastic cart liners. Commercial, hospitality and healthcare laundries have come to Streamline Solutions for help with their cart liner needs. As experts in the laundry industry, we will work with you to make sure that your cart liner fits your cart as it should.

Our experienced sales team will meet with you at your laundry to make sure that your current cart liner is the right size for your needs. When your laundry cart liner is too big, it ends up costing you more money than it should. We at Streamline Solutions have been able to solve many issues for our customers including medical/healthcare laundries who have seen their cart liners not fit their linen carts correctly. Streamline Solutions has also made sure that our laundry customers use the right thickness for their cart liner bags. The key to Streamline Solutions’ success in the medical and hospitality laundry marketplace is how we analyze what our customers are using and make recommendations to help them in making the right choice for their supply product needs. We have consistently been able to show our partner laundry customers cost effective options that do not sacrifice quality while working with them on our disposable plastic cart liners. More times than not, our laundry customers have been able to not only save money with our quality cart liners, but they ended up have preferring our better made product.

Cart Liners

  • Durable and tough disposable plastic medical and hospitality laundry cart liners.
  • A wide array of sizes and thicknesses for all of your commercial and medical laundry cart needs.
  • We can produce any size cart liner that would fit your specific need.
  • Our cart liners can be printed with your company name and logo as well as being produced in tinted colors.
  • Extremely clear bags can be used in many medical applications.

The Streamline Solutions Specialty Blend Material cart liner is a true cost effective alternative to help save our partner laundry customers on a non-revenue producing product. Many sizes available of this specialized material and product.
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Streamline Solutions will work with your laundry to see how we can help you save money with our cost effective cart liners.

  • Works Great For Both Healthcare & Hospitality Laundries
  • Available in Different Sizes
  • Can Be Made To Fit Your Exact Cart Needs
  • Custom Printing is Available

Pre-Cut Plastic Cart Liner Sheets

Extremely cost effective alternative to normal cart liners.

Easy to use pre-cut sheets that fit perfectly on the bottom of your linen carts.

Cleaner and easier to use than Kraft paper rolls. 1 perfect fitting sheet versus many sheets of paper.

Current sizes available: 30” x 48”, 30” x 60” and 36” x 48”.