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The Streamline Solutions Partnership Program

Streamline Solutions sees our customers as true partners. Therefore, Streamline Solutions offers our partner customers a marketing program where we will help you to increase your revenue stream using our diversified product supply line and our many innovative programs.

Allow us to help you to market our products to your customers. We will teach you how to sell our product line and give you the needed tools to do so. Available to you are such things as samples, literature, training and personnel to help you to bring additional profits to you. Sample packages can be put together to match the types of customers that you would want to sell our programs and supplies to. The Streamline Solutions team will help our partner laundries to develop custom made programs and supply brochures that will help you to market our product line to your own customers. We are continually helping our laundry customers throughout North America in developing ways to help them to not only increase their revenue stream, but to do so where the laundry and their customers all win.

Together with our experienced and knowledgeable Streamline Solutions customer service and sales support team, we will spend whatever time necessary to help all of our partner laundry customers to expand their supply lines to their customers. Our dedicated sales team will spend time with our laundry partners at their own facility or spend time with the laundry's own sales team in helping them to secure new business opportunities at their accounts.

A true partnership is when everybody wins. As you will see on our Custom Printed Bag page, Streamline Solutions can help our partner laundry customers to market their bags to their customers. By helping our laundry partners in marketing their name, it is another way that we can help them in selling bags and other supply items to their customers. Not only that but Streamline Solutions will always protect our customers on any product or supply that they sell to their customers. If we ever hear directly from a customer that our partner laundry is working with, we will always steer back to our laundry partner letting them know about their customer reaching out to us. We will always protect our laundry customers no matter what.

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